Congressional Page Scandal Solution

This post addresses the recent “issue” about the Congressional Page Scandal. We put this in the very large category of “Wasteful Government Spending.” Foley is a stupid man. How stupid people become leaders of the best damn country on earth is a mystery to us – but only the people who vote them into power can answer that one.

Truth is, most logical people do away with things and processes that are no longer relevant or needed. Business people do this all the time. We do it in our personal lives, too. If the people who run Congress had any sense, they would have done away with the Page program years ago and there wouldn’t be a scandal. Instead of the airwaves and newspapers being filled with jibber-jabber about a very stupid man, we could be talking about important issues related to the survival of the USA like imigration reform, social security reform, income tax overhaul (read Fair Tax), health care issues and the like. But noooooooooo – the media thinks we want to hear about a very stupid man.

The Page program is worthless and useless. A recent story we read told how many millions of dollars (it is always millions of dollars when it’s a government program – never hundreds or thousands) this dumb and outdated program cost us – the taxpayers. Get rid of it … now – ASAP. How hard could it be to quit a program we no longer need?

The Page program was started long before the days of electronic communications like email and the Internet. Why do Senators and Representatives need little snotty-nosed, rich, spoiled, high school students to run around the halls of Congress delivering messages and papers? They don’t. It’s a big waste of money and it should be stopped now. This one is definitely not a brain surgery decision.

Write your representatives today and tell them to do it … eliminate the Page program now. It ain’t brain surgery.

Have a great day!

Richard & Terry 

  1. kelly said:

    i think you should re-evaluate your argument. first of it makes you sound ignorant when you come off so harsh and when you call teenage students “snotty-nosed, rich, spoiled, high school students.” Pages work harder then you could ever imagine and they do it by choice. it is one thing to be angry with our government but it is another to lash out against these young pages. these students have drive and ambition and understand that hard work is what will get them to the top and making connections along the way never hurt anyone. lets be realistic life is about connections. you are welcome to your opinion but i think when arguing it, you should think before you talk and make sure you address the real problem instead of using pages as a scapegoat.

    former congressional page

  2. Kelly – did I hit a nerve? Sadly, you missed the point of the whole post because of a few words describing the majority of the lot – maybe not you. The point of the post is the uselessness of the program and the waste of taxpayer’s money. What are your opinions on that issue? I have nothing against connections – I’m a business man and thoroughly understand the value of personal connections. But once again, why should I, and other Americans, pay for you, and other pages, to enrich your standing in life and gain beneficial connections to assist you – and only you? I did address the “real” problem … a solution to the Congresssional Page Scandal. What is your solution?

    Thanks for stopping by and writing.


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