Keep Out Means Keep Out

A few weeks ago I witnessed a scary incident with my grandson. My son and his wife and melded family of three kids were finally moving from his old home to a newly renovated home his wife of 1-year brought to the party. The adults were working away and the half dozen or so kids were playing and have a great time – not a care in the world – as kids will, and should, do. We hadn’t been working long loading the truck. The kids were playing on the neighbor’s trampoline between the two houses. They’re all above the age of 9 and need limited supervision.

The neighbor owns a Rottweiler – his name is Blade. The kids know the dog. Have for years. He’s a little agressive but all in all a good dog. Rottweilers are protective of their territory but are a good breed. Blade has shown aggressiveness on many occasions but the fence is marked “Keep Out” and the kids know to stay away from Blade and not to ever go in the yard or to aggrevate him across the fence.

During the loading of the truck and the playing on the trampoline, the boys manage to let their ball go into Blade’s territory – behind the fence – his domain. My grandson, 9 years old and smart as a whip, devises a plan to get the ball back. The other boys will divert Blade’s attention and he will retreive the ball through another gate entrance and sneak out before Blade sees him. Pretty good plan.

The plan works great until just before my grandson makes it to the gate leaving. Old Blade tracks him down and chomps down on the small and tender buttock of my grandson. And that is all Blade does. He didn’t continue to bite him or try to maul him or continue to attack him. Just one chomp to teach the kid a lesson … stay out of my yard!

Of course, you can imagine the panic and screaming and chaos that followed. Luckily, the kid is find. 48 stitches and a sore butt for a week. And old dad got to move his son and family with little help. But a mighty big lesson for a bunch of young boys.

Rottweiler. Fenced yard. Posted everywhere … KEEP OUT – BEWARE OF DOG.

People post signs for a reason. Read them. Teach your kids to read them and respect them. It ain’t brain surgery.


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