November 7, 2006: The Real Losers

Who are the real losers of the mid term elections of 2006?


Certainly not the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party. Power brokers in both parties will continue to live the a life of luxury and power spending as many tax dollars as they can possibly appropriate from the American public.  (Substitute the words ROB and steal for appropriate. Against my better judgment, I voted for the Republican Party again this past Tuesday, primarily because I fear the ideology of the Democratic Party.  Upon close investigation however, the ideology is not all that different between the two parties.  Under Dubya, government has expanded faster than it did under the boogie man Bill Clinton. How did that happen?


Citizens who vote for a more conservative government usually vote for the Republican Party. Citizens who want to control illegal immigration, cut taxes, reduce government spending and increase national defense usually vote for a conservative candidate.  Republicans have filled this bill since 1994 and have failed in every area with the exception of National defense.  No wonder we will now suffer through at least two years of increased socialism.  Who will wield enough power to block the likes of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and the elitist in Hollywood from keeping their hands out of our pockets and our personal lives?  NO ONE, thanks to the idiots in charge of the Republican Party. Frankly we are screwed and we have no one to blame but the party who just lost national confidence. 


I sincerely hope and pray that my gut instincts are incorrect and that the Democrats have learned from the Republicans.  We will know in a very short period of time.  I suspect by the end of 2006 we will know the direction of political policy in the United States for the next two years.  My suspicions are no more tax cuts, increased social programs, increased gasoline prices, increased unemployment by mid 2006, immediate reduction in troop strength in the Middle East, increased pressure for Illegal amnesty and more liberal judges on the bench. 


Those of you speculating on making money through the process of buying and selling real estate better get ready.  There is already a movement to tax the amount of appreciation on a real estate sale to be taxed as income.  The capital gains tax should be enough but with some homes having appreciated at fantastic rates during the past 5 years there is a possible treasure trove of pent up tax revenue.  Consider that when buying a piece of property and consider what will happen to the market if this comes to fruition.  Should this sound like Chicken Little screaming about the sky falling, I strongly suggest you do some serious research.


Who are the real losers?  You and I my friend!  The individuals going to work every day and depending upon our elected officials to keep our best interests in mind, but guess what, NO ONE IS KEEPING OUR INTEREST IN MIND.  The pundits may be correct when they say we have already lived through the best times our country will ever experience. 


Where is the Bull Moose Party when we need it?

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