So, You Want Universal Health Care

Another reason to just say “NO” to Hillary and her friends who want to give us universal health care. I can’t say it any better than Ronald Bailey from his post on the Reason website Hit & Run blog.  Here’s a bit of Bailey’s post:

“Well, look no further than the scandalous mess at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Crappy hospitals, endless waits, mountains of paperwork and, at the end of the day, no real accountability from the people who run the joint. Folks, if the government can’t or won’t take good care of our injured soldiers, what makes you think that it will take good care of little Sally or Uncle Bill?”

Now, do we really want to put total control of all health care in the hands of those who wrecked it in first place – Congress, states and federal agencies? I don’t think so. It is the wrong way to go … pure and simple.

When any bureaucrat starts talking about universal health care, start asking the tough questions.

As Will Rogers said, “It’s a good thing we don’t get all the government we pay for.”


  1. But the problem with Walter Reed is that they STOPPED funding it. They let a company take it over and make it for-profit. The problem isn’t that it was run by the gov’t. The problem is that Bush started a war and then decreased funding to the VA and to military hospitals.

  2. Money solves everything, right? No, it’s not because of the war or a lack of funding … it’s government incomptence.


  3. Mike said:

    I wonder about the complete and utter inequity of government employees enjoying excellent health care at taxpayer expense while the government cannot do the same for the citizens. No one in congress should have better healthcare than the people for whom they work. Congress has no problem covering itself; it just takes our money and then leaves the rest of us short. They make damn sure their own asses are covered and then give excuse after excuse after excuse about why they cannot extend coverage to everyone. This defies any rational explanation.

    The soldiers of course are another story. They were expendable from the beginning. What can we expect from a government that treats human beings as if they were simple pieces of meat? I realize that war is a dirty business, but surely we cannot expect the same government that will happily send people to die to give a damn about their care? The screw up at Walter Reed was not a screw up at all; it’s to be expected from a government that doesn’t care about American lives in the first place.

    The problem with government and congress is very simple. Talk talk talk. Talk talk talk. Talk talk talk. Talk talk talk. Yet everyone knows that you can talk about your values all day long but your actions represent your real values. The actions and general conduct of the U.S. government and congress reflect their true values … and guess what … their concerns do not extend to the people who pay their salaries and keep them in wine and cigars.

  4. Mike said:

    At this point, I would be embarrassed to claim affiliation with either party. Hillary Clinton isn’t going to get my vote, neither is Obama, nor Kerry, nor Gore, nor any member of the Bush family, or Gingrich or McCain. They’re mostly a bunch of well-fed liars. Kerry has a very fancy house in Beacon Hill. McCain is a panderer par excellance. Hillary probably has no idea how much it costs to buy a gallon of milk. Reagan wasn’t a man of the people in any sense, nor is George Bush the first or second. The political class in this country has become an aristocracy.

  5. Mike – thanks for your thoughtful comments – I do appreciate you taking the time to make them.

    Ron Paul just threw his hat in the ring. He is worth checking out in my opinion. About the one politician I believe has spoken with any sense in many years. Check him out at He’s a Liberatarian in his thinking.

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