Carbon Offsets: A Scam of Global Proportions

Finally, I have a better understanding of global warming.  Academy awards, congressional hearings and a mountain of written information have allowed me to see the light but it must be a CFL.  (Compact fluorescent light)  You know CFL is the replacement bulb for regular light bulbs and they only cost 4 times as much as incandescent bulbs. 

New terms have emerged because of the global warming scare and one should be cognizant of the definitions for these terms prior to engaging in any attempt at logical conversation.  The terms in question are Carbon neutrality defined as purchasing something called a Carbon Offset.  Basically, if you produce too much carbon in the atmosphere through driving, flying, using too much power at home or the office you can soothe your troubled mind by giving money to one of several companies in business to sell you a carbon offset.  Your money supposedly goes to projects creating power through non-carbon producing processes. 

I encourage everyone to investigate the motive behind global warming by visiting websites such as where you will be offered the opportunity to pay for the privilege of seeking carbon neutrality.  For example, you can enter your zip code and a little information about your power bills or your vehicle and you are quoted a carbon-offset fee.  I entered my power bill totals for the past month and as a result can receive a Terra Pass for one year for only $149.70.  For only $80.00, I receive a decal for my vehicle and have the opportunity to feel good about driving again.    Frankly, whoever is behind this website has my admiration.  Anyone who can pull this off has to be brilliant.  It remains to be seen if the American people will act like sheep running to the slaughter but I would wager these organizations would be extremely successful.

Does it seem a little strange we are requested to pay fees to allow us to abuse natural resources such as natural gas and petroleum?  I thought the purpose of reducing global warming was to reduce our dependence on these resources through conservation.  Now, we have a new industry evolving that will let me pay in advance for my sin of overindulgence.  Such a deal, I can purchase a vehicle getting 8 miles per gallon but put a decal on my window and be forgiven for my greed.

Follow the money! This ain’t brain surgery.


  1. oh the irony! Praise God in the economy of your sin that His love for you was so great that He put on human flesh and poured himself out even unto death so that you would know nothing could ever seperate you from His love.

  2. Huh? Rob, I don’t get it … but thanks for stopping by. – Richard

  3. Terry said:

    Thanks for the comments.
    AS we will soon celebrate the resurrection of the risen Christ I hope those who seek to perpetrate schemes and scams on their fellow human beings will remember the Love of God overcomes all things.

  4. Excellent post! What’s especially interesting is the wide range of scientists who object to the hysteria. They get no publicity because it doesn’t match the IPCC’s agenda. The IPCC reportedly controls billions in scientific research dough, so that’s probably one reason. Also, many on the IPCC panel have, in the past, positioned themselves to benefit directly from so-called carbon-offset trading… to the point where left-wing environmentalist groups have routinely pilloried the IPCC for its conflicts-of-interest.

    But you’d never know any of that if you relied solely on newspapers for your news. And they wonder why print media is sinking faster than Michael Moore’s rowboat.

    p.s., and consider this a manual trackback (trackbacks for this article have expired).

  5. Doug,
    Thanks for your comments.
    I continue to be amazed by the media buying into this scam. I suppose it is akin to “do as I say and not as I do.” The media and extreme liberal bias in reporting and pushing this rediculous agenda will end up bankrupting most ordinary citizens if we do not continue to expose it for what it is. A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ecopreservationsociety said:

    I agree that there is a lot of BULL in this arena. Buyer beware!

    We are doing some work in this area. We focus on personal reforestation projects. Our goal is to teach people how they themselves can be carbon neutral.

    I believe that many of the Carbon Offset programs that invest in future technologies, while they may be worthwhile, are not really carbon offsets.

    We need to be realistic about this problem. It is going to take us 30 years to replace fossil fuels. It is going to take 100 years to sequester the carbon out of the atmosphere that does not belong there. There are no short cuts, there are no quick solutions we need to take a long term approach to the problem. It is our children that will ultimately need to solve the problem. We need to feed their imaginations and give them to tools to create a better world than the one that we left for them.

    Visit if you would like to know more.

  7. Andy said:

    Witchcraft was a popular theme at a certain time, and lots of people who had a contrary opinion were publicly chastised for it… You’re labeling TerraPass a scam – how about the US Gov’t!!!! Every time you pay taxes, you pay heavy subsidies to a profit-driven energy corporations scavenging finite fossil fuels . So, why do you chastise an independent entity for supporting alternative fuel R&D via voluntary donations? If you still *believe* that global warming has nothing to do with human activity – I feel like you’re one of the witchcraft people. Believe what you will. And no, science gets no break from the Bush administration, quite the contrary. And the *media* is TOO DEEP in the pockets of the corporate giants who control them via advertising money to be against them. In the publishing business, usually a larger portion (over 50%) comes from advertising revenues, not subscriptions. So, sorry – reality doesn’t support your claim again.

  8. WB Tripp said:

    Being a little curious, I visited the terrapass site and entered the “auto” information for my wife’s car on their “calculator.” According to it, her car used 1,591 gallons of gas in a year, and contributed 31,124 pounds of carbon/CO2. Maybe I got the math wrong, but gasoline weighs 6.2 lbs. per gallon, which gives a total weight of the gas of 9,865 lbs. How do you get over 30,000 lbs. of carbon from 10,000 lbs. of gas?

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