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This just crossed my mind so I thought I’d share. Maybe some police officers will see it and take it to their commanders and see if the idea has merit.

In an increasing trend police departments across the United States are using text messages to help fight crime and have set up a text message service that allows citizens to report any crimes that they see. While this is fine and dandy, it crossed my mind for another option.

Why couldn’t the police initiate the text when a crime has occured?

Here’s how it would work:

Step 1 – Citizens voluntarily sign up to be on a city police department’s automated text broadcast. Call it a volunteer Police Citizen Watch.

Step 2 – A crime occurs. Let’s say it is a carjacking or bank robbery.  The police send out the details, suspect description, last known direction headed, car description, etc. to the text broadcast list. Instantly, the police have hundreds, maybe thousands, of additional eyes scanning the city.

Step 3 – Citizens see the message and are instantly on alert and odds are, one or more of these citizens will spot the bad guy and text back to the police the location and details.

The technology is here to do this. Seems like a pretty good idea to me. What do you think?

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