Election Results

The mid-term elections were held over two weeks ago and still, in some parts of the country, a winner has not been declared. Once again, expensive electronic voting machines (with no paper trail) are being called into question as to their accuracy. All the while, the fine people of Oregon are probably sitting around laughing at the rest fo the country and saying to themselves, “This voting process thing isn’t that complicated – in ain’t brain surgery.”

Why would they being saying this? Because since 1998, the entire state has been conducting their elections via a Vote by Mail system. The citizens of this great state (obviously very smart people) voted to do away with polling places and conduct all elections by mail. Brillant … and cost effective.  This system ends up costing taxpayers about 30 percent less than polling-place elections.

Every registered voter receives a paper ballot in the mail weeks before Election Day. The ballot can be either mailed back or dropped off at one of a number of secure sites statewide.

The system has proved to be fraud-free. Oregon is one of only two states in the nation to verify every single voter signature against the signature on that voter’s registration card. Their process is transparent and open to observation. Finally, the returned paper ballots, which are the official record of the election, can be recounted by hand.

A University of Oregon study conducted five years after the adoption of voting by mail statewide showed that 80 percent of voters across the political spectrum prefer it to voting at polling places. It’s a system that answers the needs of Americans who lead increasingly busy, complex lives, balancing many work and family responsibilities.

When will the rest of the states catch the clue bus and ask their citizens whether they would like to have a Vote by Mail system? I believe that most Americans would go for it. Why don’t more state legislators put this initiative up for a vote by their citizens? It ain’t brain surgery. Just do it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe out there. And don’t forget to remember all of the men and women in our Armed Services who will not be home for Thanksgiving … especially the ones who have paid the ultimate price with the giving of their life … Remember the Fallen Heros. Thank all of them for serving our country and for protecting our freedoms and way of life.


The blame game never works. It didn’t work when you were a kid, “Mom, he did it!”; “I didn’t do it, she did!” It doesn’t work in the business world. And it doesn’t work in the political world – contrary to the opinions of many politicans and bureaucrats.

It is this continuous game of blame that is contributing to the ruining our country within and making America look like fools around the world. I’m very tired of it and I know others are, too. Blaming others never works and only makes problems worse.

The blame game is played out in politics everyday – from local and state government in Georgia and other states to the U.S. and international affairs. It’s an epidemic. And the politicians who practice the blame game should stop.

Things go wrong sometimes. Best-laid plans sometimes fail. That’s life. Instead of blaming others and outside forces, we should look around and find out what went wrong. Find out what caused it. Is it because we made some wrong or inappropriate decisions, did not put in adequate effort or allowed some kind of complacency? Blaming others accomplishes nothing. This is taught at an early age … it ain’t brain surgery.

Politicians must realize that success cannot be achieved if there is continuous conflict. And all of them, especially the Republicans and Democrats, seem to always be in conflict. People don’t like it and the blame game is ruining this country.

Failure and disappointments are indications there are some elements that are demanding correction and improvement. If we can identify the cause, we are likely to put a permanent end to the troubling factor. This is the road to success, to overall perfection and improvement, to happiness and prosperity. If politicians would look in the mirror for possible causes of failures and disappointments and stop blaming others, they would likely make the people they represent a lot happier. And they’d definitely make the world a better place to live. It ain’t brain surgery.


Who are the real losers of the mid term elections of 2006?


Certainly not the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party. Power brokers in both parties will continue to live the a life of luxury and power spending as many tax dollars as they can possibly appropriate from the American public.  (Substitute the words ROB and steal for appropriate. Against my better judgment, I voted for the Republican Party again this past Tuesday, primarily because I fear the ideology of the Democratic Party.  Upon close investigation however, the ideology is not all that different between the two parties.  Under Dubya, government has expanded faster than it did under the boogie man Bill Clinton. How did that happen?


Citizens who vote for a more conservative government usually vote for the Republican Party. Citizens who want to control illegal immigration, cut taxes, reduce government spending and increase national defense usually vote for a conservative candidate.  Republicans have filled this bill since 1994 and have failed in every area with the exception of National defense.  No wonder we will now suffer through at least two years of increased socialism.  Who will wield enough power to block the likes of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and the elitist in Hollywood from keeping their hands out of our pockets and our personal lives?  NO ONE, thanks to the idiots in charge of the Republican Party. Frankly we are screwed and we have no one to blame but the party who just lost national confidence. 


I sincerely hope and pray that my gut instincts are incorrect and that the Democrats have learned from the Republicans.  We will know in a very short period of time.  I suspect by the end of 2006 we will know the direction of political policy in the United States for the next two years.  My suspicions are no more tax cuts, increased social programs, increased gasoline prices, increased unemployment by mid 2006, immediate reduction in troop strength in the Middle East, increased pressure for Illegal amnesty and more liberal judges on the bench. 


Those of you speculating on making money through the process of buying and selling real estate better get ready.  There is already a movement to tax the amount of appreciation on a real estate sale to be taxed as income.  The capital gains tax should be enough but with some homes having appreciated at fantastic rates during the past 5 years there is a possible treasure trove of pent up tax revenue.  Consider that when buying a piece of property and consider what will happen to the market if this comes to fruition.  Should this sound like Chicken Little screaming about the sky falling, I strongly suggest you do some serious research.


Who are the real losers?  You and I my friend!  The individuals going to work every day and depending upon our elected officials to keep our best interests in mind, but guess what, NO ONE IS KEEPING OUR INTEREST IN MIND.  The pundits may be correct when they say we have already lived through the best times our country will ever experience. 


Where is the Bull Moose Party when we need it?