Health Care

Look before you leap!  This has always been a favorite saying of mine because some of our politicians often open their mouths and spew forth great ideas as they embrace noble causes.  Health care is one of these noble causes.  However, no one bothers to define the main issue,  define the costs involved or where to find the money to fund these great experiments. 

There are volumes of data available regarding universal health care but let’s use one example already mentioned in one of Richard’s earlier postings and that is the situation at Walter Reed Army Hospital.  My friends tell me that most VA hospitals are neat, clean and run on time.  The one drawback so I am told is the fact they are run like assembly lines.  This makes sense to me because of the volume of patients they see each day.  Often I wish my private physician would run more like a factory but frankly I have no major problems with the way my personal health care is handled. 

The quote by Ronald Bailey in a previous post in this Blog says it all regarding government run hospitals. “no real accountability from the people who run the joint.”

This statement speaks volumes of what citizens of the United States can expect if Hillary or those like her get their wish for Universal Health Care.  Look at the budget that is being sought by the VA to run their health care unit.  For fiscal 2008 they are seeking $36.6 Billion U.S. This information is readily available at might ask how many patients will be treated using this $36.6 billion.  By the way, I am all in favor of spending whatever is necessary to treat the troops who keep me safe on my own soil.  The point of this is to say the government is overwhelmed by 5.8 million patients who happen to be veterans.  That’s correct … the $36.6 billion will treat and take care of 5.8 million deserving veterans.  Do the math and you will see we are spending only $6200 per individual patient treated by the VA.  Statistics show we have around 47 million uninsured individuals in the U.S. Using simple math we can multiple the total of $36.6 billion by 8.3 (we arrive at 8.3 by dividing 47 million by 5.8 million) to arrive at a figure necessary for the government to supply universal health care to everyone without insurance.  The figure looks like this 8.3 X $36.6 billion = $307,178,571,428.57 or $307 Billion.

Where in the world do you think the additional Billions of dollars will be generated?  One guess boys and girls.  BY YOU AND ME.  In addition we will have the potential for the same disaster that has occurred at Walter Reed.  No accountability and a lot of passing the buck.  Do you want to see your loved ones be denied service for what we now consider routine health care?  Look at your local hospitals and tell me that individuals are being turned away if they have no insurance.  The answer is “no.”  Our local hospital subsidizes those who cannot pay using the insurance payments from those who can.  You may be told this is not lawful and does not happen but think about it.  Do hospitals write off bills of indigent patients or those who have problems paying?  NO!!  They may try to collect and in some cases they are somewhat successful in collecting a portion of the amount due.  Take a close look at your next hospital bill if you have to use a public hospital.  One reason we have $100 aspirins is to pay for those who cannot pay.  We already have universal health care and believe me bringing all citizens to the lowest level of care will not increase the care for those without insurance.

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Another reason to just say “NO” to Hillary and her friends who want to give us universal health care. I can’t say it any better than Ronald Bailey from his post on the Reason website Hit & Run blog.  Here’s a bit of Bailey’s post:

“Well, look no further than the scandalous mess at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Crappy hospitals, endless waits, mountains of paperwork and, at the end of the day, no real accountability from the people who run the joint. Folks, if the government can’t or won’t take good care of our injured soldiers, what makes you think that it will take good care of little Sally or Uncle Bill?”

Now, do we really want to put total control of all health care in the hands of those who wrecked it in first place – Congress, states and federal agencies? I don’t think so. It is the wrong way to go … pure and simple.

When any bureaucrat starts talking about universal health care, start asking the tough questions.

As Will Rogers said, “It’s a good thing we don’t get all the government we pay for.”


I don’t know about you, but when I see a business man/professional with dirty and nasty fingernails, it tends to tell me something about the person. It’s pretty much a given that women take care of their hands and nails better than men. And I, for one, love it. Women with pretty hands and nails are attractive. Men, on the other hand, as a rule, don’t seem to do as good a job as the women – and there really is not a good reason why they shouldn’t.  They can either do it themselves or go to a professional and get it done. I do it myself and have for about 30 years.

Manicuring is the care of hands and nails. Weird that it’s a word that starts with “man” and more men don’t practice it as much as women. It is my opinion that businessmen should take care of their hands and nails. Now I’ve done some work in the past where it was almost impossible to keep my hands and nails looking good – but I did it. From building antique replica furniture to loading airplanes to cleaning offices – to name a few – I still always managed to keep my hands and nails in pretty good shape.

I had some training. Almost 30 years ago, before I went to my 10-year high school reunion, I ran into one of the HS sweethearts and cheerleaders – a girl everyone wanted to be with in HS. Long story short – we ended up dating for a few years and attended our 10-year reunion together. Her name is Cathy. You should check out her gallery in Roswell, GA.  Anyway, Cathy purchased for me my first nail file, buffing creme and polisher, and all the other little tools you need to do your nails. And I’ve kept a nail kit together every since then.

Nail care for a man is not that difficult and it damn sure ain’t brain surgery. I do a major job on my nails every two weeks. That means I trim ’em down, do the cuticles (if necessary), take the ridges out and then buff to a light shine. Probably takes me 2 to 3 times longer than if I had a professsional manicurist do it for me but I do a lot better job. Plus there is a lot of satisfaction in doing it. In the summer time, I can knock out this job while the charcoal is getting ready in the grill – thus killing 2 birds with 1 stone (reminder to self … topic for another blog!). Maybe it doesn’t sound very manly, but I can tell you this – during my 19 years of being a batchelor, the women noticed!

If you don’t keep your nails in good shape, try it for awhile and see if you don’t feel better about yourself and see if other people notice – I’m betting they will. If you go to a manicurist, try it yourself – I’m betting you’ll like the results – and you’ll save a few bucks, too. Nice nails on a man just looks good. It says a lot about a guy. You young guys … get started now. It will pay off.

By the way, thanks Cat!


I have to admit. I stole the title of this post from an ABC World News segment. This week, they are doing segments on health care and what can be done to fix it. This one last night got my goat. It just amazes me how these supposedly intelligent “leaders” can’t do anything right it seems any more. Discussions on reforming health care have been going on now for years and years. Lawmakers and politicians and burueacrats want to make out like there is no easy solution. Truth of the matter is … it ain’t brain surgery to fix the health system.

As you’ll read in the article linked above, the answer has been right in front of their Pinocchio noses all along. Representatives and Senators are part of roughly 8 million federal employees and their families, from postal workers to the president, who are covered by insurance that is flexible, affordable and transportable from government job to government job.  The plan is so good that it oughta be offered to ALL Americans. Why is it not?

Among its advantages is the competition it creates between providers, which results in lower costs. The federal plan is made up of more than 280 health plans available to federal workers across the country.  In New York alone, a federal employee can choose from among 18 plans

Advocates said that competition keeps costs low: While the price of private insurance premiums is expected to rise 7.7 percent this year, the federal plan will go up just 1.8 percent.   Okay … stop right here and ponder the previous statement a minute. 7.7 percent rise versus 1.8 percent rise. This ain’t a brain surgery decision.

“It can show you what choice can do, what choice actually means, what intense competition and cost control can result in,” said Robert Moffit of the Heritage Foundation policy institute.

Hmmmmm …. choice to keep costs down. What a novel idea. Sounds like good old, pure American capitalism and market demand to me. 8 million of your fellow Americans get this choice because they work for the federal government. You don’t. Your congressman (or woman) gets this kind of coverage but you don’t. Don’t seem quite right does it?

Folks, this ain’t brain surgery. Write your representatives today and tell them you want the same health care choices they have.

Have a great day!

Richard & Terry