Richard Arnold is the founder of Key Concept Services, Inc., a marketing and business communications firm. For over 18 years, KCS has been helping small and medium sized businesses get their “key” message out – externally to clients and internally to employees. The “key” to business success is good communication. When you communicate properly, you connect. When you connect, you communicate.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, but now residing in east central Alabama. Richard and Sharon (his partner and wife for 21 years) escaped the big city in July 2007 and now live on 21 beautiful acres in Millerville, AL on a dirt road. The peace and quiet is awesome. And you can see a gazillion stars at night. A complete opposite of big city Atlanta.

Richard and Terry met years ago working on some projects for clients. They formed a business and personal bond because of their like-mindedness and desire to have fun while working. Today, they collaborate on many projects to serve clients better. Both enjoy writing and the Life Ain’t Brain Surgery project is just another step in their journey to share their knowledge, experience and rye humor.

Richard is also a big believer in the Law of Attraction and shows clients how to harness this awesome power. He can be reached via email at

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